Saturday, January 5, 2013

New years resolutions...

Mine this year are pretty simple. Along with all the health and fitness goals that I usually never keep I have some bookishnerd ones thrown in there as well.

1. Read 1 classic novel per month. Not only will I look and feel smarter but I may finally understand when people allude to them.

2. Write 1 short story per week. A bit more difficult but certainly necessary. I really need to write more. the book before I see the movie. Something I always plan on doing.

4. READ ALL THE BOOKS ON MY SHELVES. I'm a bit of a shopping addict. Right now its clothing. It used to be books. More then I could read. I have probably 100 that remain unread. I joke that I'm saving for the apoclypse. But seriously. It would be awesome if I could finish them all.

What were yours?

Xo, Dana


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