Friday, August 5, 2011

Review: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
published by The Penguin Group
215 pages
genra- Realistic Fiction
(Goodreads) (shelfari) (Amazon)
rating- 4

All his life Collin Singleton has fallen only for Katherine's. Nineteen times, and each and every time Collin is dumped. After K-19 Collins feeling down, like face in the carpet for 3 hours down. that is until Hassin his chubby fun-loving friend convinces him to swallow the heart break with a road trip! Hopefully to find Collins Eureka moment and stop the unending string of Katherines. They end up in Gutshot Texas, miles away from everything else, where they end up trying things that they would never dream of.

ahh wonderful, an abundance of Katherine's was fresh, funny, and the ultimate read for anyone anywhere, especially if your enbarking on your own road trip at the time. Its what got me through the 2 day voyage from Detroit MI, to Marc Island FL. I was laughing the whole time, folding over multiple pages to write in my quotes book, and wondering why this book was on my shelf for so long before i started it. silly me!

Its the lightest book Ive read of green's (looking for Alaska being more serious, and paper towns being more soul searching)  and i have to say that it was my favorite.  Collins a genius with his anagraming and eleven languages (well if the genius thing doesn't work out he can always join the CIA. lol) Hassin was deliciously funny and made me wish that he was my best friend too. without a doubt Collin and Hassin are two people i would love to meet.

I liked the footnotes in the book, thetas something I love in fiction novels, and is often found in only the awesome ones. :) It was also cute how Collin was learning how to tell stories and told his through the book. and an Abundance of Katherine's ended on a high note, which is something that is crucial to every story, the whole thing can be ruined without a proper ending.

so that's it. Its my last day of vacation so I'm heading out to the beach. :)


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