How I review

In the green I write facts about the book. It always starts with:
book title- author (almost all the time I put a link in the authors website bring you to his or her website/blog)
Publisher- I find this self explanatory, but, If you don't know what a publisher is, email me. 
Age group-
I don't use it that often.most of the time this is YA since that's what I'm interested in the most, but sometimes it is a tween book, or an adult book. If there is some maturity to the book I also add an age I think would be appropriate to read it at. However I rarely use this. Only if it is not a YA or a YA with R-rated  scenes.
Genre- The genre that the book is. Sometimes there's 2 genres I put the book under. sometimes I make up my own genre. you just have to roll with it
Series- If its a book from a series then I say that here. however I usually only do it if its the second+  in a series. or if like on the cover it would say "the first book in the whatever series" then I'll say that here. again 
Links- Links to additional information about the book. Usually just Amazon, Goodreads, and Shelfari in no particular order. Sometimes if the author has a blog or the book has a fansite, I'll add that too. ((In my early blogging days I would have a link spot called 'Find it here' Which would take you to Shelfari, and a 'buy it here' which would take you to amazon. I don't do that anymore though.))
Rating-1 star.  not even worth your time. 
            2 stars. It was okay, worth a look. but not really very good...
            3 stars. It was good, it just didn't have that special thing
            4 stars. Pretty good. I defiantly enjoyed the read
            5 stars. Really good, highly recommended
            6 stars one of the best books I've ever read I defiantly think you should read this. It was amazing, and I loved it. You should too.  (I rarely use this. only if the book is extremely good and surprising, and wonderful.)        
Everything in this blue color is a summery about the book. I wrote this summary with the help of the official summery. So I can't take all the credit of it. However, 99% of the summery is my own words and thoughts. This is not what you would find on the back or inside cover of a book. If you are using a summery of a book, please do not take what I wrote with out siting me and using quotes. That is plagiarism. Plagiarism is bad.

Sometimes if I'm lazy or in a hurry or not feeling particularly creative and I need to get a review out ill take the Goodreads summery, and use it. But the font will look like this. and it will be purple and ill usually say "summery from Goodreads" or something along those lines... I don't do this a lot. and the books that I do this too are not necessarily worse then the ones I write my own summery for. I just don't feel like it.

This part in the bottom is my review. It is honest, and what I actually think. Whether that is good or bad it depends on the book. Some reviews are long some are short some rhyme, most don't. some are negative and some are positive. some are in a different font color, some are really random. It really just depends on my mood.

add in a Witty departure to end it on a good note,
and sign off!