About me!

Hey guys, I'm Dana (as you should know) and this is just a little page about me.
So! I'm a Junior in highschool. I like to use big words that I'm not exactly sure the meaning of and I'm a passable (bad) french speaker. Im 16 years old. I look like this.
I'm 5'7" but consider myself short because almost everyone I hang out with is taller then me. I live in Northern Illinois (near Chicago), am the president of my school book club, an active track and field team participant and my sanity is strongly questioned at times.

shall we start a small random facts list? I think so.
  • I have never broke a bone
  • I love art, although i suck at drawing,
  • I walked 13000 steps this morning around Chicago. (finally found my pedometer...)
  • I'm on my schools track team, though i suck at running jumping and throwing things.
  • There really is no point being on the track team if your not good at running, jumping or throwing.
  • I like to use the word plethora
  • I have a pet rabbit, named magic who is 8 years old. 
  • The back space is the key most used on my computer
  • I also have a pet cat who used to be stray, but I fed him once two years ago and he hasn't left our yard since, We named him Cheshire (from Alice in Wonderland) because he disappears and reappears not unlike that cat. 
  • I have a younger sister.
  • I have loads of bad luck, that may or may not be related to the amount of mirrors i have been breaking lately...
  • I love to read (NO DUH)
  • I also love to watch movies. (have a recommendation? Email me!)
  • I get hit by cars annually. (Every November 17th)
  • I don't have cable TV but because of Hulu and Netflix I still watch loads.
  • I actually like school.

That was fun... 
maybe i should say some profile- istic things about me...

Favorite Music- Im a sucker for top 40s. Other then that I like Neon Trees, Foster the People, Cage the Elephant, Need to breath, Marina and the Diamonds, The Downtown Fiction, ect...

Favorite TV shows (or ones that I'm currently watching)- 90210, Modern Family, Once Upon A Time, ANTM, The Vampire Diaries, and The Lying Game.

 Favorite book to movie adaptation-
Flipped by Wendelin Van Draaen

Top 10 authors (in no order)-

1. Cassandra Clare
2.Suzanne Collins
3. Michael Grant
4. John Green
5.Neal Shusterman
6. Sarah Dessen
7. Holly Black
8. Apprylin pike
9.  A.S. King
10. Kody Keplinger

So that's it for now.
see you,