Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

Bloom- Elizabeth Scott
Age group- young adult
Published by Simon & Shuster
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Rating- 3 stars

Lauren has, well, everything. At least that's what other people think. She has a popular best friend, decent grades, and the boyfriend every girl would kill for. Dave is popular, nice, smart, and caring. plays sports, actually listens when Lauren speaks, doesn't push her, is religious, has the perfect family and is completely in love with her. Everything should be perfect right? 

It takes the arrival of an old time friend Evan Kirkland, to bring Lauren out of her fantasy world. She realises how unhappy she is with Dave. Hes perfect, he loves Lauren. The only thing is, Laurens not so sure she loves him back. But staying with him is the right thing to do. That's what everyone else would do. She cant leave Dave, then she would be as bad as her mother leaving her father. The last person Lauren wants to be like is be like her mother. 

She trys to suppress her feelings for Evan. She trys to do whats right, but Dave has all these plans for the future, plans that no matter how hard Lauren trys, she can't see herself in. Meanwhile, her time with Evan has become a sacred time where she can be herself, all of her, not the perfect version of Lauren that Dave sees. The more shes with Evan the harder she falls. Now she just has to make a choice, before someone else makes it for her.
Lets start off with saying I love Elizabeth Scott. Well I like her at least, considering that I have never met her before... But I read Stealing heaven, and You, Maybe a few years ago and loved them. There's just something about her writing. Its elegant, light, happy and all ways has a good ending, with the exception of A Living Dead Girl, that is.

Bloom was what I expected it to be, Wich Isn't either a good or a bad thing. There are some deep problems lauren is facing, but its not too depressing, which is good. And the romance is great, But it's just not the best book I've ever read.  One thing I did realy like though was the fact that Evan used to live with Lauren when she was a child. That part was kind of cool and I think the book would be too forced if Lauren and Evan haden't known even before.

Again, Im not saying you shouldn't read it, no way. There are definatly people out there who would absolutly love this book. Its just not my style. but I definatly sugest checking it out. :)

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