Thursday, November 18, 2010

Numbers by Rachel Ward

Numbers by Rachel Ward
age group- YA
pages- 325
published by Chicken House
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Rating-4 stars

Every one has a number, but only Jem can see them. The date of death, your death, when ever Jem looks in your eyes she can see it. Naturally, Jem doesn't look in peoples eyes much. Because of this curse Jem avoids all contact, all relationships. She cant bare becoming friends with someone just to be reminded ever time shes with them how much time they have left. Jems all alone. Until she meets Spider that is, hes another outsider, with only a few weeks left. Jem thinks she can handle it. She knows Spiders date, and the dates have never changed. She and Spider become friends, good friends, and everything goes fine until the London Eye explodes killing dozens, and Jem and Spider are seen fleeing the dock just seconds before the attack. Now Jem ans Spider are on the run, wanted for suspicious activity before the terrorists attacked. Meanwhile, Spider only has a few days left, and Jem is trying desperately to do the impossible, and save him.

Numbers was great. A friend recommended it to me in the summer, but I haven't gotten around to reading it until this week.  And I'm glad I went back to all my old recommendations.

There was something completely familiar about numbers, yet extremely unique. The burden of having the numbers seemed so realistic, even thought it was something that would never happen in real life. There was some really deep things in numbers about living and dying. I liked how Jem would never even hint at when someones number. Its something i would never be able to keep secret, but if I knew when  was going to die, I wouldn't be able to live the way I do.

It was sad and beautiful, and reminded me not to take any time with someone I cared about for granted, and that at any moment I could pass on my self. So we should all live a life were happy with, and never put things back saying you'll do them next year. You may never get the chance if you push something back.

They are going to have a sequel to numbers, and you can find out more about that Here

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