Tuesday, November 23, 2010

revolution (by jennifer Donnelly) giveaway!

Hi guys! I'm Glad to announce my first ever contest!! the prize is a ARC copy of Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly.

Revolution is about a present day girl (Andi) who finds a diary from a girl (Alexandrine) who lived during the French Revolution, when Andi visits Paris with her father for winter break.  and soon finds a comforting pace in Alexandrine's words, and is almost moved to the point of obsession.  on the back of the book it says, "On a midnight journey through the catacombs of Paris, Alexandrine's words transcend paper and time, and the past becomes suddenly terrifyingly present."

sounds good right? I think so too.

So you must all me wondering, how do I enter?
well, that's easy.

For one you don't have to be a follower to win, but it would be greatly appreciated.
You must be in the United States, sorry my international buddys, I just can't pay the shipping :(...
You must Leave a comment on this blog post answering this question.

"If you could find a diary from any time period/famous person, what would that be?"

Also leave your email address in the comment.
I'll announce the winner on my blog but please check your email, because if I don't hear back for you within four days I will pick another winner.

You get an extra entry if you tweet, and extra entry if you follow me on twitter, and 5 extra entries for a blog post.
 (none of the above is required, it just gives you a better chance at winning.)
Please leave the links of everything in the comment. (or email if you would like that better, you can find my email in my "contact me!" page)

Note: I will be checking up to see if you did do what you said. No one likes a cheater, so if you lied, I will give the book to someone else....

on that happy note, may you have the best of luck!

XO, Dana

*** by the way I totally forgot to say when it ends, sorry about that. since this is my first giveaway, and i have about 13 followers I'm going to give this a bit of time ending it on December 16 because that's the day my friend's ice skating show is, and it just seems like a good day! so be good people and spread the word! 


  1. Honest I would love to read Cathrine the Great's diary. She sounds like such an incredible ruler. She was a German Princess who married a Russian king, she blended into the culture and gained the love of the people, and they helped over throw her husband! Crazy right? Great giveaway and question!

  2. 1+ follow via twitter
    1+ twitter http://twitter.com/#!/epicbooknerd/status/7621327280148480
    5+ blog post http://epicbooknerd.blogspot.com/2010/11/blogger-giveaway-dana-does-read.html

    and just because you are awesome for free (free as in I know I'm not getting points for it but I think people need to know about it:) I put it in the sidebar of my blog!

    I forgot my email so here:

  3. Hi there, I'm stopping via Follow Friday! I'm a new follower! Great post...this looks like an awesome book! :D

    Here is my blog: www.lulu-bookaddict.blogspot.com
    Please follow back! Thanks!


  4. I really like this author, one of my favorite books is her other YA novel called A Northern Light and I have been wanting to read Revolution!
    If I had to pick a diary to read I think I would pick someone's diary from World War II. Sort of like an Anne Frank diary because I find that time period to be very interesting and a grave point in history.

    Thank you so much for the great contest. I know I don't get extra points for this but I'm a follower of your blog.


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