Friday, January 21, 2011

bloggiesta- 72 hrs. of pure blogging, parting, and general hooliganing

So bloggiesta is basically a whole weekend of blogging and improving your blog. Obviously, you don't have to blog the entire time, but there is a ton of things you can do. Bloggiesta has tons of mini-challenges, and lots of other bloggers you can chat with via twitter and blog forum.

So what am I going to do with these 72 hours?

well first, Review,

then update,

then tweet,

then read,

and update all that needs update,

then do a bunch of challenges,

then come back here and update this post and tell you everything else I did.

and its super cool and only this weekend, and you can join at any time, so you defiantly should!


(sorry for the rush-ness of this post. I'm just so excited to get started, so much to do so little time!!!)

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