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Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
publisher- feiwel and friends
genre- fantasy
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rating 5

Bethany is on a mission, an important one, to bring good to a world swallowed by terror and darkness. Sent to a small town with big problems, she knows that she can't get distracted when she travels to earth with her siblings, Gabriel and Ivy. They're the Agents of light, or just... Angles. 

Bethany can't get attached. Can't make friends. Can't fall in love. She just has to blend in, spread the good. But its hard, Bethany's a young angel, while her siblings are each thousands of years old, Bethany is merely seventeen.

And as her sister is saving the world one fundraiser, and bible study at a time, and her brother is inspiring all the students in the school to be good, Bethany does the unforgivable. She falls in love.

She didn't mean it. She didn't try. It just happened and before she knows it she's head over heals. Gabriel and Ivy aren't happy, but there's honestly nothing they can do. Except warn Beth that it will never work out. She's an angel, she's immortal, she's.... other worldly. And at any minute the mission will be over and they'll have to go back to heaven. Bethany would give it all up in a second to be able to stay with Xavier, the love of her existence.

And there are dark forces at work. Students are slowly becoming worse and worse, people are spontaneously dying, and Bethany and Xavier seem to be in extreme danger. Will Beth be able to save the town, renew the goodness, be able to live out her life with Xavier, and also find out who's behind all the darkness?

What did I love about this book? Well there's a lot, but first things first. Did you know that Alexandra Adornetto is only 18? She got her first book published at 14. That's amazing. She is so talented. And I have to admit, when I started reading this book I was hoping it would be horrible. I wanted it to be terrible, because I am a jealous fool, and wish I was her. The truth is the book is amazing and that she is such a talented writer at such a young age (just 4 years older than me!) Super Props for Alexandra!

The thing I love the most about this book is that Beth is the angel. I'm getting sick of all the angel novels where the men are fallen and angsty and all- "We can't be together but I love you and am going to break all the rules any way." Which is basically the same thing in halo except completely different. here I'll number it out for you.

1. Beth is a girl. Go girl power! I love how she's one that's more powerful in the relationship, and Xavier still goes out of his way to protect her.
2. Beth and Xavier are actually in love. A lot of the time its hard to see the love in the book. The genuine kind.
3. Beth knows that its impossible that they can be together, but she's willing to take every risk, to go around every rule, that's what makes it so awesome. She wouldn't leave Xavier for the world. I love the stability that that provides. You know she's not going to pull an Edward and say 'You deserve better then me,' and disappear for a few months. I think guys have complexes about the whole "I'm dangerous" thing. Or at least the fictional ones do. I'll tell you if I meet an angel in real life.

Also Gabriel and Ivy are amazing and supportive and exactly how I would imagine angels. They could probably convince me to do anything, and I want to be their best friend. Adornetto truly is a amazing writer.

Halo is the perfect love story and I am anxiously awaiting the next book, that should come out this summer 2011

XO, Dana

:DDDDDD (there i just had to smile about it. I was smiling the whole time I read the book and now as I'm writing the review! I am serious! go get halo!)

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