Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Experenced By Lucy Silag

Experienced by Lucy Slaig
Published by Razor Bill
384 pages
Genre- Realistic Fiction 
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My Rating- 3 stars

PJs back and shes done running from M. Marquet. Now she has other things to run from, mainly her past. Annabel ran away her Ex- Fiance Dave, leaving PJ alone in rural France, with a deadly secret, and no where to go but a musty club on mulan rouge.

Olivia's trying to balance her dancing and school work, love life and friends, and after a trendy wardrobe and a awesome haircut, she is looking more Parisian, and less California tourist. If only getting a passion boost on her dancing was just as easy.

Zach is juggling two guys, and just trying to do whats best for himself. even if that means forgiving Alex for the unforgivable. 

And when Alex meets Denny, she's not sure what to make of him, he's definitely giving off stalker-ish vibes, but it seems as if Denny genially likes her. Even though he's much older, and a little on the strange side, but when Alex discovers Denny's true identity, she has to chose between friends or her relationship.

J'aime le Beautiful American livres, ces't tres fantistique!

A few years ago when i read the first book in the series I was hooked. Theirs drama and variety and enough characters that you don't get bored. I was  interested because of the American characters who chose to study abroad in Paris. The series follows the 4 characters from the plane ride there, to the end of their experience. You get to see them go from awe eyed Americans to cultured Parisians.

The final installment was just as crazy as the previous two books, there were more twists and turns and things keeping you on your toes. The characters, are great, each completely different, but all relatable, there was nothing confusing, and overall It was a good read. 

so if you're looking for some light RF, be sure to get the first book in the series, Beautiful Americans


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  1. It's strange, I've never heard of this series before but I'll have to look at them! They sound interesting, especially when they are so many characters... I like that :) Thanks for the review!


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