Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
published by Harper Teen
335 pages
genra- paranormal (what else? : ) )
(shelfari) (goodreads) (amazon)
rating- 4.5

Even though every day Evie goes out and bag and tags rouge paranormals, has a mermaid as a best friend, and is tutored by a werewolf, Evie thinks or herself as pretty normal. It's just what you get when you work for IPCA the International Paranormal Containment Agency. Where Evie has been since she was pulled out of the foster care system after she revealed that she could see through any paranormals glamors, after a bad run in with a vampire while she was eight. The paranormal has become normal, except whats happening now, is not by any means normal. A shape shifter has been captured and he's like nothing Evie's ever seen before. Paranormals are dying by the hundreds and Evie's having weird dreams about a woman not so different from herself. Evie soon figures out that there is something different about her. a reason that she can see through glamors, and that maybe she's not that normal after all.

Paranormalcy is different from the things that i usually read, but its refreshing in its own way. Evie's spunky and care free and reminds me of Buffy the vampire slayer. (or what I imagine that Buffy the vampire slayer would be like, I've never read it, or seen any TV shows.) I liked how she brings the lightness to the butt kicking. I usually dislike supper girly characters, but how could you dislike someone who carries around a pink rhinestone encrusted taser, creatively named "tasey" lol. Evie kept me laughing, and kept the story going. Lend was supper cool also. I liked how he can change his appearance, and most everything about his character.

Although Evie was very light, she has some conflicting emotions about her self. She dosn't exactly know what she is, and she always feels like shes alone, other then Lish, her bff, or Raquel a mom like figure, she has no friends or family. Lend comes along and she stops feeling so alone, but she still wonders where she belongs, and what she is supposed to do. It was easy to identify with, even though most of us wouldn't identify with a bleep kicking glamor girl most of the week. :)

The plot line progressed flawlessly, the background was explained with just enough detail, and all the loose ends are tied up by the last page. It was a wonderful story with a gorgeous cover, and I cannot wait for the sequel, Supernaturally which came out yesterday! July, 26 2011.

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