Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: Uncommon Crimminals by Ally Carter

Umcommon Criminals by Ally Carter
Published by Hiperon books
298 pages
Genra- realistic fiction/crime
(Shelfari) (goodreads) (amazon)

Katarina Biship has tried to be normal, and since she led the crew that robbed the greatest museum in the world, she's never going to be able to revert to 'normal' again. She isn't even surprised when an old woman, comes up to her on the street and asks her to steal the world famous Cleopatra's Emerald. There are a few problems though. Other then the fact that the emerald hasn't been viewed publicly in 30 years, It's cursed. Older and more experienced people then her have tried and failed. Also Kat's pretty sure that in she'll get in big trouble to go after the emerald. Its against the family rules. So not only does she have to pull the job that's no one has done, she has to do it all without uncle Eddie finding out. With her best friends and crew members at her side she is thrown around the globe, trying to get the Cleopatra, and Kat's pride, back in they're rightful place.

Oh, how I love a good the if novel, and this one had some int resting twists. On a whole the story was just as good as the first. I liked how (Spoiler***) at the beginning Kat gets conned. proving that humility is just as important, and stealing the emerald for a second time, from someone who invented all of Kat's tricks, seems to be a challenge.

I thought that the way they stole the emerald first was a little too easy, but then again, as Kat says, Timing is everything, and that was certainly in their favor.  Everything in the book flowed nicely, and i still love all the characters and all their quirky traits! Hale and Kat, developed a bit of a relation ship. And there was a bit of fighting over her between Nick and Hale, haha. I think Gabrielle's my favorite though, the way she knows her boundaries, and can smoothly shift into any situation flawlessly, and still be glamorous while doing it. Hamish and Angus are Hilarious. I got some stares while i laughed out loud to some of the things that they did... :)

I liked the ending and all over the book was great! Ally Carter's an awesome writer, and i hope she does another Heist Society book! I know that she has written the Gallagher Girls series, but they're for a younger audience so i haven't read them... anyways I loved the book. so you should read it and stuff... haha, please excuse my lack of description, its one in the morning.... but bottom line, they are very good. and if you want to read a good book, then this ones for you.


and yay! there making Heist Society into a Movie! Drew Barrymore is becoming the Director/producer of the film!

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