Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: The running dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

The Running Dream By Wendelin Van Draanen
Published by Knopf
352 pages
genra- realistic fiction
(amazon) (goodreads) (shelfari)
challenge 350+
rating 4.5

Jessica Carlisle is a runner, always has been. but when she looses her leg in the car accident that claimed the life of a classmate, Jessica's running future seems bleak. but all hope is not lost, as Jessica tries to recover and learn to walk using a prosthetic leg she learns of athletes that have overcome obstacles and have preformed even with their disability. The thought seems too good to be true. even so she is determined to run again, no matter what.

The running Dream was fantastic. It was sort of... poetic, and really beautifully written. Jessica was honest and her situation was real. you can tell that Van Draanen did her research when writing this book. obviously I haven't lost a limb, but the struggles seemed very realistic. Jessica's drive inspired me, even though Jessica is a fictional character, there are so many people who have suffered from the absence of a limb and have overcome obstacles. The running dream doesn't skip over the hard stuff like the phantom pains or hours of physical therapy and just skip to the inspirational "I can run again moment." 

The running dream made me think that there is always hope and that if you keep trying you can accomplish literally anything. because not only did Jessica run again she pushed Rosa, a friend with cerebral palsy in her wheelchair through an entire 10K. fla, that is extreme perseverance. Their was so much love, hope and friendship, paired with the sadness throughout this book. and by the end you just felt good.

Strongly recommended :)


Wendelin Van Draanen has also written Flipped, a personal favorite of mine

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