Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: The summer I learned to fly by Dana Reinhardt

The Summer I learned to Fly by Dana Reinhardt
Published by Wendy lamb Books
216 pages
genera- Realistic Fiction
(shelfari) (goodreads)  (amazon)
Rating- 4

It's the summer before eighth grade and Drew Robin Solo has been filling her days with work at her mothers cheese shop, playing with her pet rat, Humboldt fog, and analysing a book of lists that her father wrote before he died. Other then that, and talking to nick, the beautiful 19 year old surfer boy who works at the shop with drew, there's not much to do. That is until she meets a strange boy named Emmett Crane, one night in the ally behind the cheese shop. Hes mysterious and different and loves rats, and strangely He likes her too. It begins to be the first real friendship Drew's ever had. perfect timing too, for while Drew's life is beginning to spiral into strange and different directions, Emmet is the one person she feels comfortable with, if only he would be honest to her in return and tell her the truth about himself.

The summer I learned to fly was so sweet and innocent I fell in love with it right away! Reinhardt's voice was light and cute, but there were still the undertones of deep subjects. Humboldt fog reminded me a lot of my late rat Oliver. I thought he went perfectly with the story, of course the irony of her owning a rat and a cheese shop, but also Drew just seems like a rat person you know? lol. Emmett was awesome, I think I'll name one of my future children Emmett in honor of him. (and all the other awesome Emmett's out there!)

There were many parts where I laughed. One part where I cried. I felt incredibly happy on one page, and morose on the next. Reinhardt is superior at bringing things all over the board then having them hit their exact mark. I'm not sure how classics are made, but I would not be surprised if some day my kid has to read this for school. The summer I learned to fly seems somehow ageless, and young at the same time. It reminds me a bit of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, both personal favorites of mine, and although I usually find "coming of age" stories annoying. This is one that I would read again

Recommended?: Hell yes.

Happy day, (Enjoy your last weekend school free!)

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