Sunday, August 21, 2011

sunday- the day i dont feel like writing a review on.

So its only going to be Sunday for a little while so I better hurry lol. I've been saying lol way to much lately so Kelly and I were trying to figure out something else to say (other then Haha, rofl, and lamo) we came up with LSIC (laughing so hard I'm crying) Use it. If you don't feel like saying that you could use Cilsh (crying I'm laughing so hard) its basically the same thing.Mark my words, this will be the new lol.

I was supposed to go the the airshow today. Kelly, Christina and I were supposed to take the train up this morning but Kelly stayed up till an ungodly hour last night and overslept and Christina left really early to go on a boat with her mom and her moms BF. so the plans pretty much fell apart.

My dad took a shower and our entire basement flooded so i helped him with that for a while, then I dropped my sister off at a friends house. Dad and i were bored so i just drove around till we saw something interesting. found a festival of corn. they gave us free corn and played free heavy metal music. I am not a heavy metal fan.

we didn't stay that long.

we ended up driving around for a few hours, my sister called to sleep over at her friends, and then I saw the movie "friends with benefits" with Kelly and my dad. My dad sat somewhere else, not cause I'm embarrassed to be with him, but because it was slightly inappropriate (but not as bad as I thought it would be) think in between no strings attached and Love and other drugs on the awkward level
. It was good though.

so yea that was basically a rundown of my day, sorry if it bored you. Oh and also i saw like 20 deer today, most of them were chilling in a meadow, but a few were crossing the road, and on the other side and stuff. When i told Kelly about this she got really scared and asked me if i cried then said she was going to paint a scene of how she imagined the deer, the second painting would be this cloud she saw yesterday that looked like a lobster eating a hamburger or something.

shes really strange sometimes. cilsh.

also I only have one day left before school starts! really sad+sort of excited.

have a nice one,

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