Monday, September 5, 2011

- happy labor day! -

Sorry i haven't been reviewing a lot lately. I feel like no one ever looks at my page, but i keep blogging anyway, lol. So school started, and I'm a Junior. ( I feel like more people should read me because i am actually a young adult reviewing young adult books, in stead of the endless amount of adult ya bloggers. Idk it makes sense to me....)

I got a job at this resale shop and was working from 3-6 today, so my feet really hurt, then I'm going back in tomorrow from 2 to 6. Kelly wanted to go to the FB game but its like half over so im just going to rest then tell her that i fell to sleep. Its kind of suckish, because i have to work Fridays, and i have book club on Fridays. and yes i know that I am a total dork/neard/dweeb. but whatever. I just like to read, and considering your using your precious time to read this im assuming you too.

 Im reading Shift by jerri smith ready, but you probably wont get a review for that till like January im so blacklisted on reviews. just rambling out reviews isn't as fun for me any more. they all sound the same. like "This book was great, go read it." or, "this is suckish go home." and then im like "yea bye"

so instead i prefer to ramble.

I found a powder puff team. Except at my school its not called powder puff,  it's called -insert feminine version of mascot-  football. I'd tell you what my mascots name is, but then you'd be one step closer to figuring out where I live, and then you would tell rapists, and then they would stalk me. so im not going to.

my dad wants me to do video reviews, and I am quite video savvy so maybe I will, lol its definitely faster then spending 45 min on a written review, that sounds just like the other ones. and maybes Ill do two reviews, a written for quoting, and a video for youtube.

im trying to figure out a way to get more people to visit my blog, while at the same time trying to hide my hidden nerdyness from everyone at school.  I'm doing some marketing things for my job, like figuring stuff out for the school newspaper and stuff. and despite everything i really like my job, im working 3 days a week, and actually getting money. I need money.

I also need a cell phone. I'm 16 years old and i don't have a phone. everyone like at least you can function without one, lol. but I'm so aggravated. my boss cant call me when she wants me to come in, i cant call my dad when i need a  ride, or call a friend when im at school to see where they are, or anything. and i know everyone who reads this over 35 will be like "-scoff- i had no phone when i was your age little girl, this nations youth is possessed by electronics!" and everyone my age is like, "OH MEH GOHD! how on earth can you like live? and like not be able to text? that's like- ohmygod. its just-yea."


sorry for the excessive ramblings,
I think its rude when people honk their cars,

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