Monday, October 24, 2011

Attention all

hey you! *cheek tweak*

yea you, remember me? Dana? from that blog that your on right now.....

yea yea i get it i haven't been on for a while.... guess i was so busy with my social life *cough* that i couldn't keep up with things... *hangs head in shame* And i know that y'all have missed my charming personality, cause there are like a thousand more page views then their were like 3 weeks ago.

I know right. I logged on and i was like Woaaaa.

and so i figured i should run back and check out that list Ive been writing, you know the one full of the books that i neglected to review.... all 35 of them. and decided that i best be on that. because i have an audience of wonderful imaginary friends who follow me extremely intently, and hang on to my every word.

True story bro.

the list
 SOOOO. Ive decided to change some things. I'm going to use the original descriptions from the back of the book or goodreads of something, because I've been making up my own and that's good at all but its been taking up a chunk of time and i run out of most of my creative juices by the time that i get to the important part, the review.  and lets be honest, most of you skip that part anyway, also the odds that someone will go across my blog and go. "OH MY DANA! this woman can write book summaries! lets hire her to write book summaries, and then pay her like a million dollars and she can live happily ever after!**" are like the same odds that someone will ask me to Junior prom. (Physically possible, but highly unlikely)  There fore i will no longer use my precious energy on that, so that you get more content. *cheers from all around*

agreed? Splendid, ill get right on it then!

Your lovely lovely Dana

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  1. Lol... glad to have you back Dana :) Good luck with your list, I hope there are some awesome books in the 35! :D


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