Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bumped by Megan McCafferty

bumped by Megan McCafferty
published by Balzer + Bray
323 pages
genre- dystopian
book one in the bumped series
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Its 2036, and the worlds officially over. Well not really. things are just... different. and mainly that's because no one over the age of 18 can have children. No one knows why, they just can't. and society's driven into two different directions. Some live in super religious society's, where they get married at 13 and pump out as many kids as they can before its too late. Others pay teens 6 figure amounts to have children for them, and to "bump" with a person of their choosing, based on intelligence, beauty, fitness, skill, and genetic material. Melody, and Harmony, Identical twins separated at birth, end up on opposite ends of the spectrum. Things go a bit out of hand when Harmony leaves her religious haven, Godside, to try to convince Melody to get out of her commercial bumping contract. Harmony finds out that maybe she left Godside for a completely different reason than saving Melody's soul.

Bumped was ridiculous. Halfway between the best and worst book I've ever read. It was so far fetched that it was laughable, but the cruel reality and strangeness of this new world was completely captivating. although the everything was completely different. From computers, to slang, to the whole bumping biz going on in just over 20 years is a bit far fetches, but whatever. The writing style was good, the story was just so strange. I honestly cannot decide on a rating. Ive read some other reviews, and either people love it or hate it, its strange... balancing on that middle line...

On another note I loved the characters. Harmony was so innocent, the bride to a man that can never love her, living in a world that she can never love. and Melody was almost more innocent then Harmony, I think that shes thrown into a world that she doesn't really want to be a part of. (even though shes trying really hard) Zen was awesome. There has to be a Zen in every novel, (every good one at least) and this Zen pulled off his job flawlessly. and Jondoe was probably the strangest one of all. I honestly cant figure out if hes just an amazing actor, or certifiably insane (probably both).

And the story line was good too, although it was a bit strange that Harmony could never speak up, or change things... and i really want Zen and Melody to end up together, they would be so cute!

I think bumped is something that everyone has to experience for themselves. and although I can't decide where I stand, I would still recommend it. because it really was a good read and i am very interested to see what comes next. (In Thumped, April 2012)

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