Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tenderness by Robert Cormier

Tenderness by Robert Cormier
published by delacorte press
229 pages
genre- Thriller
(Amazon) (goodreads) (shelfari)
rating- 2

From Goodreads-
Eighteen-year-old Eric has just been released from juvenile detention for murdering his parents. Now he's looking for tenderness--tenderness he finds in killing girls. Fifteen-year-old Lori has run away from home again. Emotionally naive and sexually precocious, she is also looking for tenderness--tenderness that she finds in Eric. Will Lori and Eric be each other's salvation or destruction?
It was... okay. My BC teacher made it seem a lot better then it was i think. Yes, it was creepy, Yes, I felt bad for both Eric and Lori, and Yes it was very sad. But I feel like it could have been done a lot better. I get why they didn't have it at my library and I had to seek it out else where. Although the book had the plot line of awesomeness and the opportunity to become amazing I just don't think that it really worked. It was interesting though, because although Eric is a serial killer. He feels super protective of Lori, since shes just so innocent. I think that if Tenderness had a different ending then I would like it more... but I just don't. It didn't have that extra spark. actually it didn't really have any spark at all. And it pains me to say it. but I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone. Unless they were specifically looking for serial killer thrillers. then yea.

The characterisation was very good, but I hated the ending. Although it was probably necessary.... Tenderness was truly a tragedy. but hey, Karma's a bitch.

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