Monday, December 19, 2011

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis
Published By Harcourt Children's Books
308 pages
Genre- Fantasy/Fairytale
(shelfari) (goodreads) (amazon)
Release date- May 8, 2010
rating- 5!

Sunday Woodcutter is the last of ten children, and the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, and a seventh son, Which is extremely lucky and magical. And although according to her name sake, shes supposed to be forever happy, shes cant help that she feels out of place. Practically the only time shes comfortable is when shes writing her stories. Although what she writes has a strange tendency to come true.

It isn't until shes sitting in the forest and meets a frog rumble that she has her first actual friend. Sunday knows that he wasn't always a frog and although hes been cursed, she still cant stop falling for him, If only it was her kiss that would break the spell...

and when fate puts Prince Rumbold, the heir to the entire country, In Sundays path, she has to set her priorities straight, and find out where her loyalty truly lies.

Enchanted was truly amazing. I love fairy tales, and this one was no exception... I feel like there aren't a lot of this genre out there... So it just makes me more glad when I find one that  love. Unlike most fairytale retelling, this one followed no particular tale. Instead it compiled parts of hundreds of stories into one, from the frog prince, to jack in the beanstalk, to the princess and the pea. Even if you went really that into fairy tales as a kid I guarantee there is something that you will be familiar with. Meanwhile the story of Sunday was entirely its own, and not really shaped off any one story, which made it completely unique.  I found myself smiling through the entire book, and I stayed in this happy mood far after I turned the last page. It was so light and friendly, yet intense in its own right. I couldn't put it down even if i tried!

I found something to love in each character, and i love how each is so completely different. Trix is probably my favorite though not gonna lie. Its impossible to not love him after you read the book.

Enchanted was so ... Enchanting. And magical, I loved every second of the read, It's a true happily ever after story. And if you love those a fraction as much as I do, you'll love it.

merry christmas!!


  1. Dana, you are adorable. A Google alert sent me here, and you just totally made my day. *hugs* THANK YOU.

  2. Thank you so much! I loved your book and cant wait till its officially released, so everyone else can share the love!


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