Friday, December 23, 2011

Legend Marie Lu

Legend By Marie Lu
Published By G.P Putnam's Sons
301 pages
Genre- Dystopian
rating- 4

June and day couldn’t be more different, or more similar. Born in completely opposite ends of the spectrum, but both the best at what they do. June is Military royalty, and at fifteen she has already graduated from college, and passed her Trials(a placement exam) with a perfect score. (something that has never been done before) Day was born in the plague ridden ghetto of the republic, and despite his good odds, scored a record low in his trials. Now at fifteen, he is the most wanted criminal in the republic, he can to things that no one else can, and he’s never been caught, or seen for that matter. Meanwhile June has secured a very coveted job in the top of the republic. Her first mission?
Tracking down Day.
Right away legend drew me in, although there was something achingly familiar about it. (that I just cant put my finger on...) It was totally fresh and new. And I loved it. June and day were amazing and I was blown away by not only their physical talents but the depth to each of their characters. From their supporters to their enemy's I don't think their was one "shell" character. Each person had complex emotions and a complex way of thinking. I could see things from every perspective.

In the plot there were tons of small things that propelled the story, so there wasn't a boring moment. and I loved all the little details. There was tons of imagery and there wasn't a single confusing moment. The story was entertaining from cover to cover. and i liked every aspect of it.

Even the cover is gorgeous with a simplistic manor that is lost in many books. I'm tired of all the covers of girls in vintage dresses standing at a lake. The legend cover totally reflects the book, in a simple intriguing way. and i don't know if its only in the ARC version, or in the printed copy too, but for me Days point of view was in gold, while Junes was in silver. and I'm just realizing now that Its the cover color scheme that is being reflected throughout the book. I could even go as far to say that June is a silver person where as Day is more golden. (If that makes any sense to you at all) ( I suppose you'll just have to read the book to see)

The ending made me cry. But it was really good. In a world like that of Legends, You take your happy endings with a side of sadness.

I would definitely recommend this book.

Merry Christmas!

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