Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Sphinx Queen mini buzz

so I haven't done this in a long time, but a while ago I received Sphinx Queen (written by Ester Friesner)from Random Buzzers ambuzzadors program. Now I'm not usually into historical fiction, and I wasn't so thrilled to be receiving a second to a series, (Second to the Sphinx Princess)  when I haven't read the first... But the Sphinx Queen sounds intriguing.

It takes place in ancient Egypt where Nefertiti is trying to get used to the new life she has. Shes no longer living a life of luxury at the royal palace, and is no longer the betrothed of the crown prince. Actually quite the opposite. For the prince is the one who is leading the hunt to find and punish her for a crime that Nefertiti did not even commit. However she is not alone. Armed with her two best friends, one being the prince's own brother, they take shelter in the wild hills along the Nile's west bank. Nefertiti must rely on her skills and resourcefulness to fight for her survival. However through the long days and nights, Nefertiti cannot deny her need of justice. She is determined to plead her case and set things right! 

If your interested in Historical fiction, then I'd recommend Sphinx princess and Sphinx queen. 

Heres some links!

Sphinx Princess- (goodreads) (Shelfari) (amazon) 

Sphinx Queen- (goodreads) (shelfari) (amazon)

Ester Friesner- (Wiki) (website) 

Happy new year!! ill put a review up in a bit. sorry for the temp holiday break!


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