Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Beautiful Code By Sadie Hayes

The Beautiful Code By Sadie Hayes
Published By Backlit Fiction
The Start Up Episode 3
Format- Ebook only (2.99 at amazon!)
Pages- 64
release date- December 20th 2011 
Genre- Realistic Fiction
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The Buzz for Dori is expanding and Amelia and Adam find themselves in Maui for a conference, when they release that although there are the ones who invented Dori, there are some out there trying to rip off their idea. At the same time, Patty and Lisa are in Hawaii for Patty's sister's wedding. Although Patty's happy for Shandi and Chad, she cant get him out of her head, and the fact that he's seriously leading her on isn't helping one bit.

The Beautiful Code was cool, as with the other two, the story goes by very quickly. The characters are quirky and fun, and i love them all for different reasons. I like where the story's going, and its more suspenseful then one would expect. I haven't read many books about businesses, but these novels are really fun. I wish I was as crazy talented as Amelia is!

The only thing I didn't like is that often in the book, something suspenseful would happen, then it would go to a new chapter and switch points of view, and then when it would switch back, the conflict would be resolved (for the most part) and I felt that it lost the "omg what is happening/what are they going to do" factor that i love so much. 

None the less i still enjoy the episodes, and the story fast paced, and its easy to hang on to every word. 

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