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The city of lost souls by Cassandra Clare

The City Of Lost Souls By Cassandra Clare
Published by Simon Pulse
Pages 534
Release date- May 8, 2012
Series- The Mortal Instruments
Genre- Paranormal/fantasy
(Amazon) (Goodreads) (Shelfari) (Tumblr) (Twitter) (shadowhunters)
rating- 5

 Jace and the previously dead Sebastian are missing and the clave is doing minimal to help. In the two weeks since Jace went missing Clary's been going crazy trying to save Jace from her evil brother. Thankfully she doesn't have to wait long, Jace comes back for her, only its not Jace, not really. He seems to be on Sebastian side now, pining for the greater cause, and forgiving him for killing his little brother max. It seems that the bond that Lilith put on the two boys is stronger then a physical one. Jace is entranced into agreeing with Sebastian's every move. Now Clary must figure out how to save him, kill Sebastian, and basically save the Nephelim world. Enlisting the help of her friends and Magnus, they have to search for a weapon to break the curse, and keep Jace alive. Which is a lot more difficult then it sounds.

First off this series has been a favorite of mine for ages, and im psyched that Cassie extended the series with COFA and the Infernal Devices. As a long time fan i was anxious to get The City of Lost Souls (COLS)and finally lost patience with my library's waiting list and bought my own copy. 

COLS exceed my expectations, no blew them off the roof, I love how the second part of the series has much more involvement in the other characters lives. I especially loved getting to know Izzy more, she wasn't really a favorite of mine until we got to see her venerable side. I also liked how we finally find out more about Clary's brother, Johnathan Christopher, or Sebastian (depending). Yes of course we met him on City of Glass but 90 percent of the time he was impersonating Sebastian Verlac, hence the nickname, and spent all of City of fallen angels dead. We know hes crazy because he was raised by their father, the Hitler of Clary's world, but in COLS we really get to know him up close. 

although most people hate Jonathan for multiple reasons i still cant help but feel sorry for him. He literally has no one that love's him, grew up in an extremely abusive household and was basically born to become evil. But its not like he chose to be that way. He's a living testament to Valentine's brutality and ignorance. If there's anyone I despise it's him. 

The city of Lost souls was of course amazing, and if you've read the series, their shouldnt be a doubt in your mind whether or not you should read this one. However i will attest to the wonderfulness of this series, and encourage everyone who hasn't given it a try to pick up the first one in the series, The City Of Bones. 

Have an amazing weekend and good luck to all who are going through there final exams like I am!

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  1. This book was everything I hoped it would be although I felt like there just weren't enough of those swoon worthy Jcae one liners, but with good reason. I did, however, find Clary extra well as Alec. But these alone did not sway my love and appreciation for this newest installment to Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series, City of Lost Souls.

    Cassandra Clare brings us right back into the world of Shadowhunters and downworlders. I didn't realize how much I had truely missed this world Cassandra Clare had created until I started the first chapter. It pretty much picks up a few months after where the last book, City of Fallen Angels ended. The search for Jace and Sebastian have been ongoing, with no results, and is now being considered as non-priority. But this announcement from the Clave doesn't deter our scooby gang into taking matters into their own hands.


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