Friday, December 21, 2012

It's been too long

Seriously way too long.

I have excuses you know, nothing you care about I'm sure, but all the same.

plus i read like 2 books per month now.

It was actually Bella Forest who reminded me, asking me to review an ebook of hers called A shade of vampire. Sounds interesting, but im not quite sure i even have time to read my own books, or you know, do homework.

I started a new blog, for personal chatting and such called what else?

but i barely update it. It has some pretty personal stuff on it, but just so you know, most of the names are changed.

anyways bookish wise ive been reading a lot of books just because movies of those books are coming out.

Like The Host

don't you just want to cry from happiness?

or Warm Bodies? This looks hilarious! and is next on my list.

so many book movies...
Beautiful Creatures!
( I had this book on my shelf for years, the trailer inspired me to actually read it, and it was really good! currently reading the sequel)

and lastly and bes-tly THE CITY OF BONES

I cant wait! I have to admit, i was a bit reserved about Jamie, but now he just looks amazing and totally sexy. still not a Lilly fan though. something about the fact that shes a horrible actress.....

alright. last day before break tomarrow, I should get some sleep.


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