Saturday, November 6, 2010

Awsome book site #1

So this is something new I'm starting for my readers. The first Saturday of every month I'll have a new website that specialised on winning, sharing and getting new books. Because everyone loves new books.

so my awesome website for November is... drum roll please!

Free book Friday!

This is a website started by Jessica Brody author of The Karma club. Basically how this website works is you give them your name and email, and they randomly select a few people to receive signed copy's of the book. They also do exclusive author interviews. they get a new book each Saturday, and give announce the winners on Friday. This is mainly teen books, with some tween books mixed in. If your into adult books they also have an adult version of Free book Friday. 

As far as I can tell the site is safe. They don't even ask for your address until you've won the book. And the authors and publisher donate and sign the books themselves, so you can tell there's no fraud going on. I hope you enjoy the great site, and have a good November. :)

xo. Dana

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