Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Gorgeous Game by Donna Freitas

This Gorgeous Game- Donna Freitas
Age group- YA
Pages- 208
Published by Frances Foster Books
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Rating- 5 stars (highly recommended)

Olivia Peters has always dreamed of becoming a writer, so shes overjoyed when she wins a writing contest hosted by famous author and local priest Father Mark D. Brendan picks her novel out of hundreds of other applicants as the winner of the Emerging Writers High School Fiction Prize. Now she gets her novel Published, and gets to attend a super exclusive college fiction seminar at the university where Father mark acts as her mentor, giving her advice on how to succeed as a writer.
Soon however, Father Marks enthusiasm For Olivia's writing quickly turns into something more and Father mark becomes obsessed. Olivia's innocence quickly deteriorates as she realises what is going on, but she pushes her suspicions down.  Olivia cant help but try to ask herself what game is Father mark playing, and how on earth can she make him stop? 
This book was.... indescribable, I guess. I honestly had never read anything like this before, and I`ve read a lot of books. I mean If you count all the lines that are being crossed, its incredible the author was able to pull this off. I loved how innocent Olivia was at the beginning of the book, and I also liked how each chapter was titled. (example. `on faith`, `on romance`, `on gratitude` ect.) (Sorry the quote key isn't working on my key board so I have to use ` instead. I`ll fix it later.)

I also really liked the religious aspect of it. I am Lutheran, not Catholic, so I don't know much about religion. But Olivia's family is extremely religious, her sister wouldn't even kiss anyone until she was engaged. That's one of the main reasons why Olivia didn't step up right away and say what was happening. I mean, Father mark didn't ever touch her, he just wouldn't leave her alone. But accusing a Priest is a serous accusation. Hes not even just a priest, hes also a teacher, mentor, over 50 (Olivia's 17) and hes publishing her book so technically hes her boss.

Its one of those books that just brings you in. Freitas makes you love and fear for Olivia. Although their were moments when I was frustrated that Olivia wouldn't just tell someone already. I understand why she couldn't. This book teaches you that you can never be too careful and to always rely on your friends, for anything.

(again sorry for the ` thing. I need a new keyboard... :[ )

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