Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Off the Shelf Challenge 2011

This is a challenge where you read books that have been sitting on your shelf for a while. BA reading hosts this. this challenge goes from January 1st- December 31 2011

This challenge is one with multi layers.
Challenge Levels

  1. Tempted–  Choose 5 books to read
  2. Trying – Choose 15 books to read
  3. Making A Dint – Choose 30 books to read
  4. On A Roll – Choose 50 books to read
  5. Flying Off – Choose 75 books to read
For extra hard challenges
  1. Hoarder – Choose 76-125 books to read
  2. Buried – Choose 126-200 books to read
For me, I'm going to go for trying and try to read 15 books from my shelf. 

so here goes!
XO, Dana

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  1. Good Luck Dana! I don't have very many books on my shelf so I wouldn't get very far!

    P.S. I posted a commment on your Christmas post below! :)


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