Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mythology Challenge

so this was found on Ashley's  blog whats your story? but had no origin blog and when I asked her where she found it, she told me it was on a page on goodreads.  so we'll just say thats its a mystery on to who originally wrote it. I'm also not giving myself a time limit on how long to complete it. it could take me a month to a few years. this ones more chill, and less stressful. but still looks supper fun!

1. Read a book about Greek gods

2. Read a book about ancient Folklore... (any)

3. Read a book about Dragons, featuring Dragons or has Dragons in it :)

4. Read a book about Vampires :D

5. Egyptian mythology

6. Read a book about a heroine from myth or folklore. This doesn't have to be a warrior, but merely a main character. Examples: Penelope, Helen of Troy, Lilith, Beauty.

7. Read a book about zombies!

8. Read about about gods in a modern context (Percy Jackson, American Gods etc)

9. Read any pre-1900 Vampire novel

10. Arthurian Legend - Think Geneviere, Merlin, the lady in the lake etc.

11. Mythical Place/Lands- Atlantis, utopia, Troy, Olympus etc.

12. Read a book about Angel's, Like fallen Angels etc,

13. Read a book where someone has a "gift" "ability" "power", like mind reading, or being psychic.

14. Read a collection of fairytales (old or new)

15. Read a book about a mythical monster, excluding those already nominated (currently vampires, zombies, and dragons). Monster examples: Kraken, Minotaur, Medusa, orcs. The monster should play a significant role in the story, not just be mentioned in passing or briefly encountered. To qualify as a monster the creature should be dangerous or hideous.

16. Read a book about a Creature/Character that is Half human Half Animal.

Im talking Centaur, Satyr, Mermaid, Birdmen. Any man beast hybrid will do but they have to be a full time "semi" animal NOT A SHAPE SHIFTER

17. Read a book about witches and witchcraft. It can be fiction or non-fiction

18. A book about Knights or that has Knights in it (You know like the knights of the round table etc) They need to be legend/myth/folktale/something made up (tales) 

19. Read a book about ghosts, has ghosts in it etc :)

20. Read a book that has Demons/Daemons in it

21. Read a book with Genies/Djinn in it.

22. Read a book that has a prophecy/foretelling/vision

23. Read a book that has werewolves in it

24. Read a book based on Eastern or Ancient Near Eastern mythology

25. Read a book about Norse mythology

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