Friday, December 24, 2010

thursday guess my quote day. (#1)

okay. well technically its Friday. But it still feels like Thursday since its only 12:30

and I decided to start something new and but a quote up every Thursday. Its kind of like my teaser Tuesdays. But these are quotes I specifically write it down, for some reason or other. awesome points to you if you can guess what book its from. I'll post the title the next week.

"Any guess as to what's going on?" Mark asked

"Well," Courtney began "the guys who grabbed us weren't the police, so that means we've been kidnapped. We're not tied up, so that means we don't scare them. And whoever they are, they're not lowlifes, because we're riding in a limousine. On top of all that. My head hurts and I'm still wearing your mothers goofy freaking clothes."

Mark stared at her. "Yea, I guess that about sums it up."

so start guessing guys. I'll give you the answer next thursday.

XO, Dana

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