Friday, January 7, 2011

Crecendo by Becca Fizpatrick

Crescendo by Becca Fizpatrick
published by Simon and Shuster
Genre- fantasy
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rating 5 stars

**warning: hush, hush spoilers!**
Nora has had a ton to deal with these last few months. First she found out that her boyfriend was an angel. Then she came brutally close to being murdered by her boyfriend Patch's Nephilim servant.

 (Nephilim are half angels. For two weeks, fallen angels can take over their bodies, and live a 'human' life. They are immortal and invincible,
and only someone in their bloodline can kill them, and luckily, Nora was in that bloodline.) 

So now she's freaked out because she killed someone. And things get even more complicated when Patch becomes startlingly distant, and is seen on multiple occasions with Nora's sworn enemy, Marcie Miller. Not only that, but someone else is trying to kill her. Patch is some how involved in Nora's fathers murder, and some one called "The Black Hand" is threatening her new found, old friend Scott. She's hearing her father's voice every where, and on top of all that Marcie and Nora may have more in common then they
originally thought... 

Its enough to send any sensible girl under the covers in terror. 

But not Nora. Oh, no. She embraces it, delving into the mystery of her fathers murder, finding out everything about the Black Hand that she can, extracting revenge on Marcie, and getting in the thick of things hoping to solve her problems once and for all.
Hush, hush, and Crescendo, were both very, very good books, but for different reasons.
Hush, hush was more about Nora and Patches relation ship, the angel story. This one focused more on the story after the beginning. And I loved it.

Nora's character was shown with flying colors, along with all the other characters. I really admire how well Becca Fizpatricks characterisation, all the characters are wildly different. Yet, they mesh, and nothing feels forced or unrealistic. I was completely drawn in.

Also, her plot line was amazing! I have to admit, I was skeptical at the beginning. Fizpatrick not only did a wonderful job on a book that kept me up all night wondering, but included amazing twists and turns that made it imposable to guess the ending!

so go my darlings! go and get hush hush and crescendo! do it as a favor to your self!

XO, Dana

the third book in the hush, hush series comes out fall 2011

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