Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stylish blogger award!

What? What? I got an...... award? (*eyes get momentarily replaced with shinny, shinny stars*)
Thank you so much I am flattered! no. My blog is flattered. were all flattered and happy cause we won our first award!!!

any way, I did just receive the Stylish blogger award, from Lulu The Book Worm.
And for those of you who don't know what this is, It's an award given to you from other bloggers, and one that you pass on to more bloggers in return!

When you get this award you have to pass it on to a bunch of the most stylish bloggers you know, thank the person who presented you with the award, and say 7 things about yourself.

So thank you so much Lulu this means a ton!

seven random facts.-
1- I have 3 gold fish, Emma, Eric, and James, A rabbit named magic, A cat named Cheshire, A rat named Oliver, and 6 mice (Ricky, Moe, Lou, skimpy, Wheel barrow, and Sniff.)

2-my mice are wild mice that we caught in our house, and my dad was going to kill, but they were all babies so i bought a big aquarium got some left over hamster bedding, and some old hamster toys, and put them all in there, until spring time where i will release them. (for all those who live in Chicago, you know that baby mice would die in -20 degree weather. seriously the snow is too cold to sled on.)

3- I have been best friends with my friend for 9 years. (since 2nd grade!)

4- My aunt is a published author, so i get to see what its like, and go on her book tours with her... (TheExileOfSarahStevenson SeeMyReview)

5-I have a little sister named Jen.

6- in middle school I wasn't absent a single day.

7- I collect movie posters, and adore signed books

The Wonderful people I'm giving this award to?
1- Ashley (and Jasper :]) at whats your story?
2- Kari at a good addiction
3-Katie at Call me crazy
4- Jessica at far from reality
5-Ginger at GReads
6-Lauren at Lauren's crammed bookshelf
7-Corrine at Lost for words
8-Alyssa at Teens Read and Write
9-Mevurah at Heart of dreams
10-Stephanie at Stephanie Reads

So congrats guys and have a great day!

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  1. Your so welcome :) I am happy to hear you saved the mice! (I would have done the same thing!)
    -Lulu the Bookworm


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