Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wonderland by Joanna Nadin

Wonderland by Joanna Nadin
Published by Candlewick press
pages- 224
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rating- 5 stars
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Jude drifts through life like any other person, Tiny town, depressed dad, adorable little brother. She's sitting on the sidelines of her  own life, watching it all go by. That is, until Stella comes back. Jude's daring, sexy, childhood friend who reeks of confidence and superiority.   It's been years since Jude's last saw her, but that doesn't change a thing. 
Stella brings out a confidence out in Jude, one that has been hidden in the years that Stella has been away. She encourages Jude to apply to Lab, a prestigious acting school in London, and to stand up to the bully girls to school. But soon Stella's wild side gets the best of Jude, bringing out trouble, yet Jude can't just leave her best friend! they need each other, or at least Jude needs Stella, and once Stella gets started theirs no stopping her. 
This book was really different than a lot of the other books I've read. I don't really read books from abroad all a lot, even though this one is being published in America, it still has the British-English words that I love. It's just really cool to read.  I got this one through my school library, and It immediately became one of my favorites. 

At first it didn't seem that special, but then suddenly I got dragged in. Read the entire book in 2 days, then sat there and stared at the wall for half an hour just thinking about the book. 


I loved how completely different Jude and Stella are, and how they act. With Jude every thing's premeditated and well thought out. Stella just does whatever she wants whenever she wants it, trodding all over anything lying in between.

The whole book is  completely unique.
The way Jude reacts to everything is unique. Stella's unique, Jude's brother was adorable, And I fell in love with Ed, right along side Jude. Everything seemed so real, and raw, and the emotions weren't washed out at all.  There was a huge twist at the end, which I didn't see coming for the longest time. And that was what made the book for me. It's hard to explain it without ruining the surprise for you, so I have to keep this review slightly vague. 

and although the book doesn't have a ton of pages, every word counts. I think if it was any thicker or thinner the story wouldn't be as amazingly good as it is. 

so yea, It's definitely recommended. 


Comes out this weekend on the 11th

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