Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trailer Thursday: Enclave By Anne Guirre

heres a pretty good one for you guys, Haven't yet read it but looks intense. Just came out so be sure to check for it!!

so see you tomorrow have a T&F meet till 10 pm so may not post anything. Not like that's anything new though. I'm not even running. Just have to be there for moral support and help run long jump. I don't even do long jump. Sorry for the groveling. You know I wouldn't be groveling though if it wasn't 5 hours long. I have to be there an hour and a half early too. There goes my Friday night. Kelly and Danny are going to Rudy's bonfire. I wasn't invited though. Well maybe by association, but Kelly never invited me and I just met Rudy at the party last Friday so it's not like were bffl's or anything. Oh well, cant go any way. Just think, only 1 1/2 months left then I'm free! ... till next season. Who was the one who decided that track was going to  be 5 months long anyway?

k i have to go to bed. Numerous things to do, dwindling hours to do them in. Plus my required 8 hours of sleep that i need in order to function tomorrow morning.....

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