Saturday, June 11, 2011

Prelude To a Hero by Jaime Buckley

Prelude to a hero by Jaime Buckley
on the fly publications
113 pages
Age-middle grade, 8-13
genre- fantasy/ adventure
(goodreads) (shelfari) (amazon) (website)
Rating- 4

Wendell was just an ordanary boy batteling ordinary problems.
That is until he is kidnapped and brought to another planet where he learns of an ancient prophecy that tells Wendell that he is a hero and he needs to save the world.

 Prelude to a hero was wonderfully light, hilariously funny and an all around good time. It's an adventure that all young readers will love. It reminded me of a lot of the books that I loved in grade school. The narrator to reader relationship was compleatly unique and very interactive, there were fun supprises in the reading, and each chapter starts out with a peice of advice from the author, that has to do with the chapter ahead. Although the book was quite small, I felt that it was the perfect size for the story. I really liked wendell, and the adventures he faced throughout the book were great! I loved the surprise ending, and am intrigued about what will happen to wendell in the stories to come!!


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