Friday, June 24, 2011

What Happened to good bye, by Sarah Dessen

What Happened To Goodbye By Sarah Dessen
Published by Viking
402 pages
Genre- realistic fiction
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350 page challenge
Rating -4.5

Mclean Sweet has always been on the move, since an ugly divorce tore her parents apart two years ago, she has been to four different schools, and adopted four new persona's for each one. She has been Eliza, the peppy popular cheerleader, Lizbet the dramatic thespian, with heavy eyeshadow and black turtlenecks. Then Beth, the president of student council, involved in almost every club. Now Mclean has moved again, with Liz as her new name, awaiting to see who Liz will become.... and then things change. She starts making actual friends, starts talking to a cute boy, and is known not by Liz, but... Mclean. Shes putting down roots, and actually being herself. Meanwhile trying to push back the thought that none of this will last, that in the end she will move and have to start all over again.

Sarah Dessen's awesome. We all know that. I've read almost all of her books, and each one has a unique and new perspective! I loved Mclean's story, there was something completely fresh about it while it still had the familiar writing that Dessen uses for all of her books. Mclean was much more fragile then she first appeared, but she had a quiet strength that inspired me. Mclean's story was gradually told, saving enough time for us all to wonder, but not get frustrated.

The characters were lively and they each had a unique voice. I especially loved Deb, She is hilarious and wonderful, and knows everything from tattoo styles to the most efficient way to make a giant model of the town. Dave, the romantic interest of the story, was a good match for Mclean, although I wish there was a bit more of him in the book. There was a bigger focus on Mclean and her family then the romance aspect of the book. Which is understandable, but I'm a sucker for romance, so I just wish he was in a bit more.

I also liked how the main setting of this book was the restaurant. I liked the chaos that went on there but the family, that staff was part of. Tracy and Jason were my favorites. They kept me smiling long after the seen switched.

I Love, love, love how Dessen connects all her books together. Mclean goes to Jackson, the school that almost every one of Dessen's characters go to. Mclean even sees Annabelle and Owen (Just Listen) Listening to the same Ipod on her first day at Jackson. Also later in the book Mclean and her mother go to Colby, where Along for the Ride takes place, and talks to Auden's step mother, Heidi. also in Colby they go to the last Chance Diner (Keeping the Moon). I don't know many other authors that twine there books together, and it's supper cool!

So, My recommendation: Read it!! I don't give out 4.5's every day you know! Better yet, read all of the books, for a complete list go here. On a side note you don't have to read them in order. I stared with This Lullaby, then probably Lock and Key, the Truth About Forever, Dreamland and....well. you get the point.

so I hope your all having a wonderful summer, get ready for an overflow of backed up reviews I never wrote, and pray to the sun gods that I'll finally get some color this summer!!

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