Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: Everfound by Neal Shusterman

Everfound By Neal Shusterman
Published By Simon and Shuster
512 pages
Genra- Fantasy (afterlife)
(shelfari) (goodreads) (amazon)
350 page challenge
Rating- Six

Nick is a crudely formed pile of chocolate, Allie is strapped to the nose of a freight train, Mary is an interlight, with a following that is growing everyday, including one peculiar skinjacker with jaguar fur. Milos who is left in charge until Mary's re-awakening, runs into some major problems on the way to Mary's unknown destination. The West is... different. Much different then what there used to, with
 groups of jukebox worshiping warriors, Scar wraths, Mary reaping  brings the death toll into the triple digits and along for the ride is the Unremembered King, Supreme ruler of the middle realm. Allie has her work cut out for her as she prepares to take Mary out of power, forever.
I read Everlost in 6th grade after a thorough bout of encouragement from my reading teacher I gave it a shot. I was a relatively new reader and Everlost quickly became my favorite book. the world is so imaginative, the characters are lovable and interesting, and the plot line never disappoints through the entire series these facts remain true. Just when I think I've got it all figured out a curve ball comes out of nowhere and creates a new universal law. I think my favorite part is that anything can happen in Everlost, and throughout the Skinjacker series, almost everything does.

A new character is introduced, a furjacker (someone who skinjacks animals)  named Jix. He prefers Jaguars and furjacks them so often he has started to look like them. Some old characters from the first book make a reappearance, and even though I tried exceedingly hard not to, I started to like Jill. I felt an immense pity for Milos at multiple places in the book.

I was kept on my edge for hours, and that's not something that happens every book I read. Its been 5 years since I read Everlost, but I'm still devoted as ever. Everything I've read from Shusterman has been amazing in its own way, but the Skin jacker series is by far at the top of the list. There literally is not nearly enough praise I can give this book, anything I say would be an understatement. I smiled, I cried, I laughed, I squealed like a little girl. And although I'm sad that the series is over, I could not have asked for a better ending. I came in the book with almost no idea what was going down, but it was better then I ever thought it would be. I gave it a 6 rating on a 1-5 rating scale, and that means something!

so god yes I recommend this book, and all the books in the series, and every book Shusterman has ever written! (you can find a complete list here)

Go read it,

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