Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review: Bruiser By Neal Shusterman

Brusier By Neal Shusterman
Published by HarperTeen
336 pages
Genera- Fantasy
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Tennyson cant believe that his sister is dating Brewster the bruiser, the out cast that was voted most likely to get the death penalty by the entire school. the rumors about him are close to horror novel summery and there is no way he belongs with his sister, Bronte, no way. Bronte doesn't think hes bad though, just misunderstood, Brewster can't care about people. at least not if he cares the least bit about himself. He has a gift, no, a curse more like it, and if he cares even a little bit, strange things start to happen, and Brew always gets the short stick when it comes to the paranormal.

Hang on a second while I gush and squeal about how amazing this book was.... Okay composed now. lol. I'm banging my head on a wall because I checked this book out 3 times before I actually read it. Three times! how could I have doubts on a book written by Neal Shusterman? I honestly don't know, It wasn't until after Everlost when I was craving more did I actually go read it. I was waiting for my dad, who was working in the library, picked it up and read half of it there. and gah it was amazing. First there's the gorgeous cover, the countless positive reviews, the intriguing tag line ("the impossible hurts") and the interesting summery. and the book in a whole was just so... good.

It was told by view points, first Tennyson, popular intelligent jock, who is kind of a bully. Have to say that Tennyson was my favorite. :) and he changes a lot throughout the book. Then there's Bronte, who I loved also, shes compassionate and loving, and a bit the opposite of her twin, Tennyson. Brewster had a few parts from his view, which was all in poetry from some form to another, which was super cool. The chapter names were vocab words, and it was cute, cause whenever Cody, Brew's 8 year old brother spoke Shusterman simply started his chapters with "Stuff." idk, it seems awesome to me. :)

I think what really brings the book together is the characters, how there all so different but all have so much love and compassion. Especially Brew since he had to sacrifice so much to have friends, and relationships. I didn't like the ending that much  but it was okay.

Recommended- YES!

Go books!

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