Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Fire by Kristin Cashore

Fire By Kristin Cashore
Published by Dial
pages- 461
genera- Fantasy
(Amazon) (Shelfari) (goodreads)
350+ pager challenge
rating- 4

In a world full of monsters and graces and pastel colored horses nothing seems that out of the ordinary, except for fire herself that is. She's the last of her kind, the last human monster. Her beauty is enough to take breaths away, for men to fall in love with her on sight, she has the telepathic power so that your thoughts are not truly your own, and she has enough power for her to rule the Dells if she wanted to. If she wanted any of this that is. Fire despises her beauty and the unwanted attention she gets because of how she looks. and she vowed not to be like her father, who used his powers for things not so good. She just wants to be as normal as she can be, she never wants to use her powers to infiltrate peoples minds and make them reveal their secrets, which is why when prince Brigan, commander of the dellian army, comes to bring her to the kings city so that she can interrogate prisoners and learn secrets about the impending war, she is so weary of going. as she lives in the kings city, she begins to wonder if what shes doing is all that bad, and how she can keep serving her kingdom without becoming her father.

Second time if read this book, and It was Just as good as the first. A companion to the novel Graceling, although the two books have very little in common, just that they take place in the same world, and one character is in both stories.

Kristin Cashore has a great imagination, the monsters were cool and the characters were lovely. I liked Archer, and Hannah, and really everyone. the plot was good, and even though their were many war parts, it didn't ever get boring. Fire was unique, Nash was entertaining, and I love small.  The writing style was good, and it kept me on my toes. In all honestly I liked fire more then Graceling, even though graceling is an amazing book too.

yes its recommended, yes you should read it!

have at!

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  1. I Enjoyed this book! The characters were well written and the love story was great, which i can't help but notice is sort of the same as katsa and po, you new it was going to happen you just has to wait till it did, sort of the same time line. Kristin C is making her mark! I wished that fire wouldn't have taken those herbs, no firelings sniffle sniffle, but it was a great ending and explained a little bit of the story of the Grey eyed red eyed evil king, That horse kicked his butt. Though I am not sure if this book is as good as graceling, it definitely was a great read.


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