Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jenna and Jonahs Fauxmance

Jenna and Jonah's fauxmance by Emily Franklin and Brendan Halpin
Published by Walker and Company
genera- Romance
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Charlie Tracker and Fielding Withers have a two jobs the first being  the world famous actors from Jenna and Jonah: How To Be A Rock Star! The second is pretending that they are head over heels in love with each other, when in reality they can barely stand to look at each other. Until one fateful day when their careers seem to be falling apart they are forced to take refuge at one of Fielding's many houses. where they discover that maybe they don't hate each other after all... :)

Jenna and Jonah was definitely cute. It reminded me a bit of Suit Scarlet, Audry Wait and Nick and Norah's infinite play list. It was light chicklit with and the story was fine. I gave it a low rating because its not really the type of book I normally read. It was predictable from the first page, and their wasn't much to the plot. but still it was sweet and i respect it. but honestly I wouldn't read it again. I don't regret reading it, or think it was a waste of time, but honestly theirs not much to review on. I haven't read any thing else by theses two authors (one for Charlies POV, one for Fielding's) but their righting style wasn't horrible, but some connections between the two characters were not as smooth as they could be. especially in the first few chapters. One thing I did like is the witty insult wars charlie and fielding have, its cute, and their romance, or, ahem fauxmance, is what boosted this book a little in the rankings.

so yea, recap: Cute, but little substance.


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  1. I love the title of this book. I know this book has to be a fun read! New follower stopping through.

    Tia @ Falling For Books


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