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Divergent By Veronica Roth

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Published byKatherine Tegen Books
496 pages
genre- dystopian
1st in the Divergent series
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Debut author challenge
Rating- 5!!

Beatrice Prior is selfless. Or at least thats how she is supposed to be, she's part of a faction called Abnegation, one of five factions in the futuristic dystopian city of Chicago. Each faction prides themselves on having only one virtue: Abnegation (selflessness), Candor (Honesty), Erudite (Intelligence), Dauntless (Bravery), and Amity (Peace and love). Every year the 16 year olds from each faction gets to pick a new one, only once you change factions (if you do) there is no going back. If you're going to be selfless you have to be 100% selfless, and Beatrice just doesn't feel all that selfless.

So she makes a choice. One that changes the rest of her life, hopefully for the better. 

As she tries to adapt to her new lifestyle, and undergoes the most rigorous training of her entire life, and with 18 initiates compete for 8 spots (the remaining ten end up homeless and factionless) no one is on anyones side. Tris is determined to end up on top and she has an edge, a secret, that can both save her life and destroy it, she is divergent. As the tension between Abnegation and Erudite gets stronger, it's the only thing separating her from sudden death, and saving those that she loves.

Divergent was Fresh. Even though Dystopian novels are all the rage at the moment I get why this one is so different, and good. It definitely brings something new to the table. Lots of people have compared it to the hunger games, and I get that , But Divergent was definitely different too. Much more friendly and reasonably  less bloody. Hooking me from the first sentence, and following through the entire novel. Its funny i was reading the reviews off goodreads, and its about half rave, half hate. The things that the haters well um... hate, I love. The detail Roth goes into with the society, the in depth  initiation the (cheesy?) love between Four and Tris. It was fast passed at times and slower at others, but I was never bored. I read the entire 500 pages in a day and a half and am endlessly curious as to what happens in the next two books. 

Laughing and crying and staring so intently at the book i didn't know my sister was sitting in front of me staring for over 2 minuets until she burst out laughing. It was refreshingly good for the string of crappyish books I read directly before and after.

The only thing i wish was different is that you don't really get to know Tris's brother all that much, I'd say he's pretty important to the story, but he's only in like 5 scenes. Hopefully in the next 2 books well see more of him...
But till then Great Job and thanks much Veronica Roth!


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  1. Uh, ok, you just made me want the mailing department to go faster! I just won it and after reading this I cannot wait, CANNOT, to read it! I am so happy you enjoyed it, its nice when you find a gem of a book after going through a few less then enjoyable books :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dana!!

    -Lulu <3


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