Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Start-Up by Sadie Hayes

The Start-Up by Sadie Hayes
Published by Backlit fiction
Pages- 96
Format- Ebook
Genre- realistic fiction
Amazon - Goodreads - shelfari

Adam and Amelia Dori are finally making it. Their putting behind their foster care filled childhood of moving from place to place, and starting anew at no other then Stanford University. (on scholarship of course) When Amanda hacks into a billion dollar company, and accidentally finds that they are illegally GPS tracking people through a small chip in the back of all Iphones, she gets thrust into a world of lies, money, and power, and the biggest struggle of all, finding a way to stay true to herself through out it all.

The start up is particularly awesome if I must say so myself. Adam and Amelia were my type of people, and Amelia is super smart! The novel was light and funny, and carefree. Yet it still reminded us of the sinister ways of society. It was terrifically well written, and extremely witty, I practically smiled through the whole thing! The plot line was cool also, although I think that Amelia was a little to smart, and could do extremely difficult things a teeny bit to easily. However that's not necessarily bad... and it adds to her character. I do wish that we learned a little bit more about Adam, the other Dorii. What does he like to do, what are his big plans? (other then getting money of course...)  I also think its short, I was so enthralled that I wanted more right then. The cool thing is though that the start up, "episodes" as Hayes calls them come out once a month, so you don't have to wait yearly to read about what comes next. Luckily I also have the next installation in the start up series The Anti-Social Network (out now!), which I can start reading pronto (Eeee!)  so have a go, and try the start up now! you wont be disappointed. :D

Nice night, or er, morning for all those who don't suffer from a temporary insomnia put on by one to many mountain dews, too late at night, Lol.


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