Monday, November 7, 2011

The Anti-Social network, by Sadie hayes

The Anti-Social Network by Sadie Hayes
published by backlit fiction
78 pages
genre- realistic fiction
rating- 4

as the start up of Adam and Amelia's company progresses, things are getting even more exciting (and dangerous). An old enemy of the Dorii starts to blackmail them, and a powerful and grudge holding investor has it out for Amelia, wanting nothing more then to destroy her company and crush her hopes. Through out all this Amelia gets a crush on a sexy co-worker, and Adam cannot figure out why his gorgeous girl friend Lisa, insists they keep their relationship on the DL. get ready for a crazy ride....

AHHH! Not again! I've been reading so many wonderful books lately, and this one just adds to the list. I literaly read it in like 2 hours, and totally ignored my entire family for the duration. Just as good as the first, Or maybe even better, I was not disappointed. Not one bit. the plot was totally all over the place, and i was completely caught up. and the cliff hanger ending was like extreme! the only bad thing about ebooks is that you don't really know when the books ending and when I got to that last page I was like *gasp* and then I tried to flip the virtual page, and was like "Noooo!" Lolz I am biting my nails waiting for this next one to come out. thank godness I only have to wait a month. Are more people doing that these days? or is Hayes just being super cool and innovative, by not letting her audience forget everything that happened in the entire year between books. I totally approve. The novels are Hilarious, sweet, scandalous, and super awesome, I find myself smiling from ear to ear the entire time! I hope Hayes keeps up with the series, because I am not done with these characters, not anytime soon :D

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