Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hanging on to max by margaret Bechard

Hanging on to Max by Margaret Bechard
published by Simon Pulse
204 pages
Genre- Realistic Fiction
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Rating- 4

Sam has always had everything figured out. He had a solid plan, a go to college become an engineer, get married... but all of his plans come to a standstill when his girlfriend Brittney tells him shes pregnant. Now over a year later Sam is left alone, attending an alternative high school with his 11 month old son Max. (Brittney left soon after Max was born, wanting nothing to do with him) Sam's Determined to make it work though, he cant leave max alone, an if that means giving up his plan, so be it. He will be a good dad!... he has to be.

Hanging on to max was definetly realistic, and I liked how it was from the dads point of view. It was intresting how everyone favored the mothers, or at least symphisided with them, yet when Sam came alone everyone assumed that he was doing everything wrong. I do think that its a good example of what teenage parenthood is, extreamly difficult, yet not unmanageable. Sam was Lovable, as was max. (:D) The story was great and the ending was oh so sad, yet agin realistic. The read was super fast. I read it in like 2 hours, and i would recomend Hanging on to Max to anyone and everyone. :)

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