Saturday, January 21, 2012

Goals of 2012

This is really, really, late, but I have been bogged down studying for finals, and, um. not reviewing anything. for a few weeks I was going through the equivalent of postpartum depression with my blog. and refused to look at it until now. Im catching up with my reviews now. Thinking of maybe doing some video reviews, or some new stuff. (shh, you'll just have to wait around and see!)

In a way my Goals are Quite simple.

1. Read more books from my shelves.

I have a horrible tendency to buy books, and then not read them. I have 50+ books that i haven't yet read collecting dust and waiting to be read!!  so my personal challenge is to read 20 books I have bought.

2. Read more classics-

I Read Peter Pan last year, and was surprised to see how utterly different it was from the Disney version. It was more violent, and more like a dream. Very different and very good. I think im going to make my own challenge for this, since i was looking for one, but couldn't seem to find one i like. Ill have more on that later.

3. and of course. To review more!

I have an ever growing list of books I don't feel like reviewing, because I'm starting to get bored of typing out practically the same review over and over. So I think I'm going to change things up a little bit. In a perfect world my schedule would be 2 reviews a week on Mon,Wed,or Friday. my tidbit Tuesdays, and trailer Thursdays, and IMM on Sunday, and something random on Saturday. I'll see if I can do that lol...

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