Sunday, January 22, 2012

In My Mailbox

I only got three books this week...

First, Harlequin Teen sent me an ARC of Goddess Interrupted! the sequel to The Goddess Test, which I have read just recently and love. And although i got it while i was knee deep in finals, I put it on hold and read is. and it was amazing! I'm on my seat to see what happens next! (the only bad part of getting the Arc is that I have to wait even longer 'till the third book (the Goddess Inheritance) comes out in January of 2013.

Also, I got my of the fault in our stars! witch I ordered waaay back when i first found out he was signing them all. Haven't read it yet though... I have no clue what its about although I love all of John Greens books and am sure I'll love it!

John Green's signature in Green! lol.
Lastly I got Sign Language By Amy Ackley From my aunt as a late christmass present. (THANK YOU! :D) it looks great, and signed! can"t wait to start it! 

 My aunt also gave me a reversible bookmark of hers,  with both her books The Exile of Sarah Stevenson, and The Angel of Blythe Hall. Looking good!

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