Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday- Lies

"Let them go Cain," Diana pleaded
"Why Diana? Why must you betray me?"
"betray you? Dianna Laughed, "betray you? I've been with you everyday, every hour from the start of this nightmare!" 
Cain looked at her. "but you hate me, anyway"
"No you sick stupid creep.I love you. I shouldn't, I shouldn't. Your sick inside, Cain, sick! But I love you."
Cain cocked an eyebrow. " Then you must love what I do, who I am."
He smiled, and Diana knew that she had lost the argument. she could see it in his eyes.
She stepped away from him. She backed toward the cliff. Felt it with her feet the edge as she held his gaze. 
"I've helped you when I could Cain. I've done all of it. I kept you alive and changed your filthy crap-stained sheets when the darkness held you. I betrayed Jack for you. I've betrayed everyone for you. I ate... god forgive me, I ate human flesh to stay with you Cain!"
something flickered in his cold gaze. 
"I won't stay with you after this." Diana said, and took a step back. It was meant to be a threat. Not meant to be final. But it was one step too many... 

Diana stopped fighting and toppled backward off the cliff.

-Lies, Micheal Grant

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