Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Teaser Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today just feels extra cheery because 1) It's not Monday 2) I'm actually awake and alert at 6:03 in the morning, and 3) Its still dark out.

How have you guys been adapting to the time change? not much difference to me, except the fact that I leave or school and the sun is rising. I actually liked it better before. It may sound crazy but there's something sort of....... mystical about walking to school in the dark, every things more relaxed and alert at the same time, and there [seems to be] no morning rush. 

but any way on to the teaser of today's Tuesday (say that ten times fast...) 

again Teaser Tuesday is started by the blog Should be reading

the rules are, 2 random lines and no spoilers. I cheeted a bit on this one, and added a bit more lines because I felt it would do the book more justice. 

So my exert is from the book, The Exile of Sara Stevenson, By Darci Hannah

I pondered death as I sailed along the treacherous coast- what it was, what it meant, how it felt. When someone dies, do they know that there dead? And can someone be dead, yet still think they're alive I believed I fell under this last category. But the wind, beginning to pick up, bit straight through my clothing, Reminding me that I was indeed quite alive.
Yet I felt so dead inside. 

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the week, remember to comment, follow and spread the word. 

XO, Dana


  1. Interesting teaser this week :)

    You can find my tesser at The Bookish Snob

  2. Wow, great teaser! I love the cover, too! I always end up using more than two lines for my teaser -- I'm terrible at limiting myself.

  3. Here is my teaser from Expiation by Greg Messel (page 1):

    My sudden and unexpected return to Seattle was about to trigger a chain of events which completely change my life. Three months from this date my career, my life in San Francisco with my daughter and everything I had known before would be radically altered.

  4. Great tease!!

    Here's my tease:


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