Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ahh! its almost christmas.

I have just realised it. Its one week until Christmas!

Even though I know what 90% of my gifts are already, I'm still super psyched. I love giving and getting gifts. I know it sounds superficial, I told this guy that that's what I liked the most and he was like "humph, you seem like that kind of girl." umm... Judgy much? Any way its not only getting stuff, which is awesome, Its giving things also. Which as I type this sounds super fake, but it's true. I love getting cool things that total reflect my friends personality's. example. for my dad I got *DAD IF YOUR READING THIS, READ NO FURTHER!* flip flops with no top to them, (yes. exactly how it sounds)  and a coffee mug heater (for my dad is notorious for leaving coffee mugs all over the place. rendering his coffee cold and useless.

AND BEST OF ALL.... I got a Crayon shaped fish tank for my best friend, at a thrift store. Here's a picture. I was thinking of collaborating with her boyfriend, who I influenced into buying a fish for her. I'm not sure if hes actually doing it. because a few days ago, when i asked him his response was. "No. Kelly's killed every fish she's had." and after about ten minuets of pushing it he finally said. "fine. Ill do it. Ill get her a tank and everything though. that fish is not going in the fish tank cubical of doom*"(see below)

And now you see my dilemma. Not only does Kelly have about 4 aquariums, (one for fish, one for turtles, one for frogs, and one that is currently occupied by a hamster) Danny's buying her another one. and the Fish tank cubical of doom. and my Fish Crayon.

so ill try to get things straightened out with that.

now you may be wondering, why Dana, why are you writing this on the Internet, for all your family to see and know what your getting them? There is a simple answer to that. No one reads my blog. I'm not bashing my self but it's true. This may as well me my little diary up here. where I tell all my "readers" what I'm reading and such. But I know for a fact that Kelly, or anyone in my family for that matter doesn't read my blog. I'm not hiding it. they all know, they just don't really care, one way or another. Its not bad though. that way, I can write really whatever I want without my family knowing about it....

okay, enough for now Dana, we don't care about your personal life. When do the books come in to play? ah look at that. I'm typing to my self now. see what you do to me you unfaithful reader, you. Well what you say does have a point I guess.... This is a book blog after all. so here's the deal-i-o. dealio? Whatever.

ANYWAY! I have two new reviews coming, sometime. oh wait 3. wow I'm backed up... The Card Turner, The Perks of being a wallflower, and Crescendo. All amazing books. for which I will write exceedingly positive reviews for. (go pep!) so calm down people and let me enjoy my winter break. High schools hard enough as it is. and who thought to have finals after break? now I have that to worry about also? oh well I have a few weeks to study. and sorry for the rants...

Unfortunately, I have to cancel my revolution Giveaway, because to this day, I have 2 entries. two. so because I am a very prideful person. I am not having that giveaway. Instead I will combine it with a few other books, and have a bigger giveaway in a few months, when I have a stronger reader foundation. (SEE! proof! no one reads this.)

I bought a few books, got a few in the mail. Uncovered some hidden in my book shelf. but the way I'm backed up (16 books to read by Jan.3) I'll get to those books in around six months. (I think deep in my sub conscious mind, I'm stocking up so I'll have fresh books to read when the Apocalypse comes around, and my library's are no longer accessible...)

well if you read this far congratulations. leave a comment that says. Dana, I read your exceedingly long post. now reward me please! and if I'm feeling generous. maybe I'll FedEx you some Christmas cookies or something.....**

see you in a day or two. - Dana

* Fish Tank Cubicle of Doom- n  a small tank in the shape of a cubicle. it is complete with a desk, swivel chair, file cabinets a computer, and a lamp. It is really quite cool. the only sucky thing is that every fish ever put in there has died within a week.  It is unknown as to why this happens.

**I'm not actually going to FedEx you cookies. Emailing you a picture of cookies, maybe. but actually baking cookies? no. You do not want to eat the cookies I bake.

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  1. Hi Dana! I read your totally hilarious post-the whole thing! :) And its not that long... I also read your Teaser, I really like it, thanks! Dont worry, none of my family reads my blog too, they aren't really interested. I'm an old follower, just saw your post in my dashboard and I thought I just had to read it. Well, Happy blogging!

    -Lulu <3


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