Sunday, December 12, 2010

Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin

Extraordaniry by Nancy Werlin
Publisher- Dial
Genra- Fantasy
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Rating- 3 stars

Phoebe has an extraordinary mother. An extraordinary family. An extraordinary heritage. And Phoebe herself is feeling more well less extraordinary when shes next her world famous mother and gorgeous best friend Mallory. Close as sister, Mallory and Phoebe have been best friends for years. Until Mallory's Mysterious older brother Ryland appears one day. Phoebe is mesmerised, she cant stop thinking about him. Their connection is strong and magnetic and dangerous. Because Ryland is not who he claimes to be, hes something much,much worse.
Sent from another world to manipulate Phoebe until she breaks, and looses everything, even her self in the process. This is a tale of true friendship, love and what it takes to be truly extraordinary.

Extraordinary isn't one of those books ill be thinking about for a while. and although it wasn't a particularly bad book. I just found it lacking... I'm not even exactly sure. It seemed forced in some parts, and not forced enough in others. The ending was okay, the idea was okay, and the whole book was just okay. There's nothing I absolutely hate about this book, but there's nothing that screams WOW! I LOVE THIS BOOK! or even, wow, I feel like there was some deep profound lesson about how everyone is extraordinary.
but I didn't think Worst book I've ever read! or even their is something slightly dissatisfying about this book. (okay, actually maybe that last one a little bit...)

Meh. That's what I thought. Meh. and despite what you think, It's not actually all that much of an insultment. It just means that I didn't care of the book, one way or another.  Which makes it really hard for me to review this because I'm fairly neutral on this book. It's a solid 3 stars, and although I would not recommend it, I wouldn't warn some one about it.... witch leaves me with the review... hmm lets think a moment. one thing I really did like? Benjamin. he was by far my favorite character, everything about him was awesome, and I'm semi in love with him. and I liked how Mallory loved and tried to protect Phoebe. I didn't like how Phoebe couldn't tell that Ryland was totally abusing and making Phoebe feel like shit (excuse the lauangage please...) and she totally put up with it. Anyone would know that that's an abusive relationship. (except for Phoebe I guess.) I get that he had some sort of magical hold on her or something, and the relationship was key to the plot. but I still hated that.

any way Nancy werlin has written two other books that i know of, the first Impossable ( a compainion to this novel) which I hated. And the rules of survival, which I loved.

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